Metrology and Quality

Metrology is probably the oldest science in the world. Today, most of the production processes are characterized by the assembly of different parts and components, and that is why it is essential for Innovalia. The Metrological unit of Innovalia guarantees to companies the accuracy of the measurement of the parts and components needed in the manufacturing process, and contributes in improving productivity and efficiency of production processes. Innovalia Metrology is conformed by Trimek, Datapixel and Unimetrik, which joined forces offer the customers the best metrological solutions.

Innovalia Metrology offers solutions that integrate the traditional metrology with the latest technological developments, from laboratories to production lines.

Trimek is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of components and integrated solutions to improve the quality control processes and dimensional metrology. As well as an active work in R&D to offer advanced solutions.

DataPixel offers the latest solutions of non-contact measurement systems and 3D scanning. Datapixel helps manufacturing companies to reduce time to market and overall production cost, improving at the same time the quality of their products.

Unimetrik is our laboratory with the ENAC certificate, designed to provide solutions for the industry related to Calibration, Advanced Measurement services and Metrologic engineering.


  • METROMEET 2020- International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology
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  • CONTROL FAIR - 5th-8th May, Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Germany
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  • BIEMH - 2nd-7th June, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Spain
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