Innovalia launches CyberTIC


A training program for youth employment in the digital economy, guaranteeing the direct contracting of students. Read more 

CYBERTIC is a initiative supported by RED.ES, FSE (The European Social Fund), the digital Agency for Europe and the Energy and Tourism Ministry. The main goal of CYBERTIC is to offer the students the necessary knowledge to face the new challenges of the business digitalization and the digital economy.
For this reason, Innovalia will launch a 200 hours program of mixed training in cybersecurity, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Cloud Computer System. CYBERTIC is focused on students under 30 that are part of the Youth Guarantee Fund of the Employment Ministry and Social Security.
The training program will be held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in Seville. The CYBERTIC program will have the collaboration of the Cabildo de Tenerife, through FYFEDE to make the inscription of students in the Youth Guarantee Fund easier.
One of the most important factors about CYBERTIC is that over 30% of the students will be hired in tech companies once the program is over. CYBERTIC will kick-off on January 15th and it will mean a clear evolution in training 4.0 because it will give the opportunity to 25 students to be part of a small and priviledged group of professionals that actually have the skills to meet the Industrial evolution. The inscription patform will remain open until December 31st through the official website.

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