Multipol and Metaverse1, Gold and Silver Award at ITEA2


Multipol and Metaverse1, two research projects carried out with the participation of Innovalia companies, have been awarded on 26th October in Helsinki, during the ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-summit 2011. These awards represent a significant acknowledge to the research activities done by SMEs from Innovalia Group. More information

MULTIPOL, leaded by the French company Evidian Bull, with Nextel and Innovalia Association among its partners, was awarded with the Gold medal.
Multipol delivered a full authorisation chain with mechanisms to solve the challenge of easy multi-domain access-rights management. This balances security and agility to enable safe access to business applications across organisations.

Metaverse1 was awarded with the Silver medal. The project , leaded by the Dutch company Philips, with CBT, Nextel, Innovalia Association and CARSA among its partners, focuses on the connection between virtual and real worlds. Key outcomes included a generic architecture supporting sensor/actuator/robot integration, avatar modelling and hybrid communications. The most important result however was the ISO/IEC 23005 standard evolved through a great involvement of the project in MPEG-V

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