Innovalia Association leads the European Task Force "SMEs in the Future Internet"


The European Commission has chosen Innovalia Association to lead one of the 8 tasks forces that make up the Cluster FINES. Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) Cluster has emerged as a field of activity that aims at enabling enterprises, including SMEs, by means of ICT, to exploit the full potential of the Future Internet. More information

The FInES Cluster currently supports collaboration and liaison activities developed by researchers and projects in the context of task forces like the Internet as Universal Business System and the international dimension of research and international cooperation, among others.

SMEs make up 99% of all enterprises and account for over 100 million jobs, but they still find it difficult to adopt conventional ICT and there is even a higher risk that they will find difficult to adopt FI technologies; yet FI opens great opportunities for the SMEs. The “SMEs in the Future Internet” Task Force is addressing this problem, with the objective to carry on analysis and to provide indications and guidelines to orientate research to address SMEs needs and to support FI technology adaptation by SMEs.

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