Who are we

Innovalia is a strategic alliance of companies with a technological base, which begins in 2000 with the new century. Innovalia consolidates business activities and development of seven companies with a technological base, with more than 20 years of experience. Innovalia has a philosophy based on three fundamental pillars: innovation, technology and internationalisation.

Innovalia has grown and developed its business in four areas: Consulting, Metrology, Information Society and Technological Development. The union of the different characteristics of the group allows Innovalia to develope a strategy to design and implement projects in a flexible way with the creation of multidisciplinary teams.



Trimek is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of components and integrated solutions to improve the quality control processes and dimensional metrology. As well as an active work in R&D to offer advanced solutions.


Datapixel offers the latest solutions of non-contact measurement systems and 3D scanning. Datapixel helps manufacturing companies to reduce time to market and overall production cost, improving at the same time the quality of their products.


Unimetrik is our laboratory with the ENAC certificate, designed to provide solutions for the industry related to Calibration, Advanced Measurement services and Metrologic engineering.


SQS is the leading company in software quality consultancy services. Their products and services are focused on the quality assurance of our customers' software products and developments.


CARSA, a national reference on Independent Strategic Consulting. Innovalia offers all kinds of solutions based on technological innovation, innovation in the organization and innovation in market for large enterprise and SMEs as well as government agencies.

Innovalia Association

Innovalia Association is a R&D corporative conformed by CARSA, CBT, SQS, Nextel, Trimek, Datapixel and Unimetrik. Innovalia Association was born with the mission to promote technological innovation in the SMEs and in the Innovalia Group. The international activity of the Innovalia Association is based on the abilities of a wide range of professionals on industrial R&D oriented to the market.


Nextel is a Telematic Engineering company that offers advanced technology and consultancy services to the business world. They are specialised in offering the best solutions based on the new technologies, systems optimisation and information security.


CBT is a communication engineering company that offers added value solutions in the area of communication and new technologies, putting to its reach the last developments in mobile services. CBT has a wide experience in event management and organization, as well as developing marketing strategies and